Urbanstore Lavapies

Our infrastructure, located right in the Lavapiés neighbourhood, two steps away from El Rastro, the Lavapiés Square, the Embajadores roundabout, La Latina and Tirso de Molina, all perfectly ready to receive and attend the most demanding customers.

In URBANSTORE Lavapiés we are convinced that you can take maximum advantage of our storage facilities. It is very hard at first to estimate the space required and therefore the price, if you do not know what you are going to keep there (voluminous objects? Boxes? Furniture? If so, with removable parts? Are you to access those good frequently?) What we do know, and we practice everyday, as our clients experience day-to-day, is that the utilisation of the available space is maximal; this way the price lowers considerably.

Please do consult with our staff members to find the most suitable option for you as well as it’s distribution.

You may contact us via telephone, email or through our social networks and we will provide you with the best of our recommendations. Although without question the best thing you can do is to visit us already knowing what we are to keep so we can “hit the nail straight on the head”.

Once we have chosen the appropriate storage facility all the paperwork will take us no more than 10 minutes and you may dispose of an access card straight away and the right to use and enjoy all the facilities including pushcarts and wheelbarrows for you use. 

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